Bespoke Portfolio Service

Our bespoke portfolio service offers you the highest in investment personalisation for your clients. We will provide your client with a dedicated investment manager, who will build and manage their portfolio on a real-time, day-by-day basis focused on their objectives, goals and aspirations – allowing you to spend more time on what your clients really value.

And for clients that have Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, we are also able to offer them a number of sustainable investment options matching their individual choices and preferences.

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"A bespoke relationship opens the door to a highly personalised investment journey, providing a more transparent and dynamic approach to the management of your investments. By providing access to our long-term themes, expressed through direct exposure to some of the best individual companies in the world, you can really see where your assets are working hard for you.”
Will de Baer
Chartered Wealth manager and Bespoke Investment Manager

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