Our story

Our Story

Casterbridge Wealth was born out of our clients’ desire for traditional private client investment management services. Decades of experience have been blended with all we’ve learnt from our clients over the years:

  • We know that you value having easy access to your investment manager and being safe in the knowledge that we care.
  • We know that you expect to be able to understand your investments and what they can do for you.
  • We know that clarity is key – you should be able to see the plan for your assets on one piece of paper.
  • We know that everything is personal. Our company name, building or stationery aren’t the reasons you choose to invest with us. It’s the personal working relationship and shared history that matters.

We work with people that are based all over the country, but we do have a strong sense of place in the south and west of the UK. The map of Wessex covers the majority of the area we live and work in. Those outside of the area love to visit our beautiful countryside and coast; we’re also happy to travel to meet clients and their intermediaries.

Whilst the charm and sense of honour in the literary world of Dickens and Thomas Hardy has its attractions. They also teach us that life can be challenging and we need to plan for the future.