Investment Principles


At Casterbridge Wealth we focus on what we do best, Investment Management, and have enlisted the services of industry experts Raymond James to provide trading facilities & administration services along with Pershing Securities as the custodian of your assets.

We aspire to provide the best of both worlds, having a layered structure to our proposition as illustrated in the slide below allows us to give you, our clients a Discretionary Fund Manager that is nimble and independent (of buy lists, internal and external corporate influences) as well as industry standard levels of protection.

Casterbridge Infrastructure flow chart cropped


One size does not fit all. Your investment portfolio must be suited to your individual needs as well as your appetite for risk and your capacity for loss. The swift global investment markets require a flexible approach in order to reach your financial objectives. The execution of our investment strategy is flexible and sophisticated.

Investment Discipline

We have ongoing discussions about the assets we hold on your behalf and the price at which we capture or release them. We are always happy to sell a holding when it’s done its job. We leave greed and fear to others.

Your financial goals and risk appetite drive our asset allocation and stock selection. We have seven core investment strategies that we tailor to your requirements:


Moderately Adventurous

Balanced Income


Cautious Income



It is important to us that clients with similar objectives gain similar results, and that the concept of our investment process is clear and accessible to you.

Portfolio Management

The allocation of each of the major asset classes is set and varied by the Casterbridge Wealth investment committee, taking into account both the current and future market conditions as well as your attitude to risk. As your investment manager knows you best, they have further discretion over asset allocation and stock selection in order to ensure that your portfolio is suitable for you.

We retain a whole range of stocks that we admire for their business models and skills of execution. Each industrial sector has an accepted way of valuing a company. We look for good companies that are undervalued.

Our approach to stock selection is straightforward and we constantly monitor them based on the following simple investment principles:

• Whether the selected stock is consistent in its business model;

• Is it ‘readily realisable’? Can we sell it if you unexpectedly need the capital?

• If we can’t describe the asset in one sentence, we don’t buy it.

• Liquidity is a key consideration for any stock selection. In normal markets we need to feel comfortable that the price on the screen is what we can buy or sell that asset for, for all of our clients.